Vientiane in Love

Dear friends,

today i show you some picts about me and my girlfriend in our first travel in Vientiane (PDR Laos). (For more info look at my articles “Vientiane” and “Viaggio a Vientiane”)

Vientiane is little but wonderful capital, the people are friendly and helpful and make our trip great and we enjoy a lot this nice city.

We arrived in Vientiane at Wattay International Airport, and then with the shuttle bus we arrived to our hotel (Pacific Vientiane Hotel).

The first day we visit the Anouvong Stadium, very old stadium and unlucky very dirty but nice to see many laotian people go there for run, or do some jogging or just play football together. Then we walk around and see some typical houses in french colonial style and then we stopped at some temples ( Wat Haysoke, Wat Mixai, Wat Ong Teu and Wat Inpeng). In the evening we walked around the Mekhong river at the night market near Chao Anouvong Park where we find a lot of typical laotian foods stands and some shops, that with the amazing and romantic sundown at the riverside.

The second day we were at the thai embassy for asking the new visa for Thailand and then we visit Patuxai monument (monument similar to the Arch of Triumph of Paris for celebrate the laotian victory against the french) and then we arrive at Wat That Luang, this place is amazing and i suggest to everyone to visit is the most wonderful place to visit in Vientiane with all the temples, a big sleeping Buddha and the famous golden stupa.

The third day like everyday we take a delicious coffee at “Le Trio Coffee” is a nice place where made and roasting the coffee, there you can taste different laotian coffee with some delicious foods. Then we visit Wat Ho Pra Keo (the temple of Emerald Buddha before this was imported in Bangkok) and Wat Sisaket those temples are really important for know the history of the city of Vientiane and the Black Stupa (where the God Naga sleep). In the end we eat at “Ai Capone” is an italian restaurant, here you can taste the REAL TRADITIONAL italian food, made from a great italian chef Gerardo. Here you can taste some kind of italian pasta with many important sauces or some fish or meat dishes, the pizza here is great and the dessert or the ice cream (real italian gelato) are amazing!!!! At the second floor they have the pastry and bakery laboratory where they prepare all the desserts, the bread, the focaccia and the pizza bread. If you really want to eat the real italian food in Vientiane this is the best place!

The last day we take the bus for Udon Thani (Thailand) for come back Bangkok, here we accross the border at the First Brigde of Thai-Lao Friendship, near there you can find the Buddha Park (unlucky we dont visit it, but is an important place to see), maybe next time we will go there.

So this is our little trip in Vientiane, i hope you like it and please SORRY for my terrible english.

Thank you for follow me and watch my article,

Best regards

Denis Zanirato.

Waiting at Dom Mueang International Airport of Bangkok

Anouvong Stadium

Pacific Hotel Vientiane, our hotel

Mekhong river and night market during sundown

Selfie at Presidential Palace

The best caffetteria in Vientiane “Le Trio Coffee”

Patuxai Monument

Wat That Luang

Wat Ho Pra Keo

Wat Sisaket

Dinner at “Ai Capone” the best italian restaurant in Vientiane

View from our room balcony

Last breakfast in Vientiane before come back to Bangkok

Tuk tuk drivers fighting at tourist arrival at Vientiane Bus Terminal…crazy

Laotian border

Welcome back Thailand

Mekhong river from thai side

Welcome to Thailand

Thai border, we are back home. Phom rak Pra Thet Thai ❤🇹🇭

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