Temples in Bangkok

Dear friends,

When we talk about Bangkok, we can talk about a beautiful town full of Rooftop bars, markets (night market, floating market), but we can talk about WAT.

Wat is the thai name for call a buddhist temple, and in Bangkok, there are many and many beautifull temples, here i show you some of the temples that i visited in my travel around Bangkok. (This list of temples is the order that i visit).


This temple is a Brahman temple, is little temple near Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel (near the Bts Skytrain station of Chit Lom). This is a very little temple but is beautiful too and here is possible see a thai classical dance.

Here you can watch the video of the thai classic dance in Erawan Shrine


This temple is near the the MRT station Sam Yan. This temple was renovated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ascension to the throne of King Rama IX in 1996.

In this temple you can take merit, give food to the water buffalos, or to the cows.



This temple is near Khao San Road and Wat Saket, build in 1846 on request of King Rama III. The temple is erected with multiples concentric square levels built on geometrically aligned pillars. A relic of Buddha is kept at the highest level.




This temple is one of the oldest ans is famous for the red Giant Swing that stands at its entrance. It features an elegant chapel with sweeping roof, magnificent wall murals and exquisite hand-carved teakwood door panels. It have 156 images of Buddha around the wall.


This temple is call the “Monastery of no sorrow”, is located 32km south of Bangkok, you can arrived here with a bus from Ekkamai terminal station. Is famous for the meditation practice. Inside this temple you can find all the images of the most important monks (and some relics of them).


This temple is called also Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram is the most important temple in Thailand, is located in the centre of Bangkok within the grounds of the Grand Palace, it enshrines PHRA KAEW MORAKOT (the EMERALD BUDDHA).

The Emerald Buddha is an image of Buddha in the meditation position dating from the 15th century AD.


Wat Tai is a little civil temple build in 1803. It have the Ubosot (ordination hall) with inside the ancient hor trai (Buddha Scriptures hall). Is not a turistic temple, is very quiete place.


This temple is also know for the famous ghost of Mae Nak, is a very nice and sad history of this woman. The temple is build in the 1762 near the Phra Khanong river.


This temple was build in the 1851 near Phra Khanong river. This temple have many buildings inside the Ubosot have an ancient image of Buddha of 3 meter high called Luang Phor Toh made of wood under lime cover is enshrined. Here you can give food to water buffalos or cows.


This temple was build in 1937 is located near the bts station Ekkamai.

This temple was build in the middle of 2 temples called Wat That and Wat Thong that were demolished before.



Wat Saket is also know as Gold Mount or Phu Khao Thong is a low hill crowned with a gleaming gold chedi. Within, the 58 metre chedi houses a Buddha relic and welcome worshippers all year around.

This temple was build during Ayutthaya period (1350 – 1767) and renovated during King Rama I’s period (1782 – 1809).


This temple is also called “The temple of Dawn” or Wat Chaeng. Located in the western side of the Chao Phraya river. It is famous for the spire over 70 meters high and beautifully decorated with chinese porcelain and tiny pieces of coloured glass. This temple was build during King Taksin’s reign in 1768 for hosted the Emerald Buddha before the capital was moved in the other side of the river.


Called “The temple of the Reclining Buddha” or Wat Phra Chetuphon is near the Wat Phra Kaew. Is one of the largest temple complexes and is famous for the giant reclining Buddha (46 meters long covered with golden leafs). This is the first school of thai massage and old school of thai medicine. Here you can find 394 gilded Buddha images and 91 stupas. Wat Pho wasthe first public university in Thailand specialising in religion.


Also famous as the Marble Temple this temple is all build with Carrara’s marble it is a made from a project of italian architects Annibale Rigotti and Mario Tamagno during 1899 for willingness of King Rama V and added in the Dusit Palace complexes.

King Rama V monument in Dusit Palace complexes.


About this temple i dont find more information, is near bts station Saphan Taksin, Shangri-La Hotel and in front of Bossotel. About this temple i give you more picts for make you a better idea about this temple.

This is a video of this part of the temple, sorry if it is not clear.

This little article i made for give you short info about some temples of Bangkok, i hope you will like it, and if you have something to suggest to me or somethings you want to know, please, text me i will happy to tell you.

Thank you for watch this article,

Best regards to all

Denis Zanirato.


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